Le Who

Who’s Lebeau? Who’s Lebon? They are both the same high-octane results-driven creative: Jonathan Lebeau. But it’s also, when needed, a full roster of senior collaborators. Together, we make one hell of a team that can be assembled and customized, with a smooth process, to fulfill any assignment you might be thinking of throwing our way.

Jonathan Lebeau

You don’t care that I shot photo documentary in the Amazon or that I owned a wild bar that threw epic parties. You just want me to go to war for your brand, delivering results—day in and day out. So here’s the track record to show that’s precisely what I do.

the customizable team

All experts in our field, we have worked on countless projects and pulled an indecent amount of all-nighters together, building a complicity that goes well beyond occasional outsourcing. As a team, we bring a global vision and solutions to your brand in a seamless workflow.

Michel Nadeau

Stratégie de marque Analytical creative

Luc Grenier

Strategic analyst

Jean de Lessard

De Lessard Commercial space creator

Eric Trudel

Gentleman & Co. Strategic partner

Jean Rouleau

Jean Rouleau Communication Skilled strategist

Esther Thomassin

la 27e lettre razor-sharp creative