Le City

Agence : Lebeau & Lebon Client : Le City

Le City was a café like so many others. Without any distinctive ambiance and serving the usual humdrum panninis and salads, it had a hard time attracting more than the crowd working within its own building. Our mandate was to create an experience like no other in order to maximize the location’s potential.


With a “frugal” budget, we made the soulless venue into a cozy spot by borrowing as much from French bistros as from an Art-Nouveau subway station. Most of all, we engineered a system that allowed the venue to literally transform from café to bar within minutes, therefore optimizing the ambiance and functionality for both type of clienteles.


With the help of Mikael Lefebvre, Chief Barman and mixology consultant, we worked on the brand’s flagship products, from recipes to the cocktails’ naming.  With such designer cocktails as the “Empress’ Left Cheek” and “The Other Temptation of Christ,” we created an extensive list of exclusive cocktails that clearly set Le City apart.


In the tradition of the golden era of cocktails, it was established that a shirt and tie would be the standard attire for the lounge’s professional bartenders.